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Design your dream cake

Step 1: Choose a size
5" round cake: $10.95 and serves 1-2 people
8" round c
ake: $26.95 and serves 6-8 people 
10" round cake: $34.95 and serves 10-12 people

Step 2: Choose your cake base
Brownie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Graham Wafer and Gluten Free (almond flour) options

Step 3: Choose two ice-cream flavours for your cake.
Click here for flavour options.

Step 4: Add something delicious in the middle! 
fudge sauce? Caramel sauce? Jam? Let us know!

Step 5: Choose your toppings.
Having a bulk food store, provides many options! Sprinkles, nuts, chocolate and gummy candies are some of the many options available. 


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