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Homemade Soup With Less Hassle: Pennyweight's Wild Rice Soup

Wild rice and mushrooms are perfect partners in this deceptively simple kickstarter soup! Both ingredients complement each other with an earthy palate that speak to their less cultivated origins. Wild rice has lovely nutty and smokey flavours that blend easily with the savoury and meaty qualities of mushrooms. Our soup celebrates these two raw ingredients, and provides a great starting point for customizing.

crockpot, carrots, chopped mushrooms, whole cooked chicken
Earthy & nutty wild rice soup is perfect for a cold weather meal

We recommend adding shredded cooked chicken to this soup. What a perfect opportunity to use up some leftover chicken! We like to add more vegetables as well. The more mushrooms the better. Our soup packages include dried mushrooms, but if you have the time, adding additional mushrooms and a variety of vegetables just adds to the heartiness. For our video tutorial (click here for link) We always advise a squeeze of fresh lemon if you have it. We also sell lemon vinegar at the store. A splash of that will add a nice citrus punch. Another option is a sprinkle of citric acid. Even if it comes in a bag, you can create a unique homemade soup with your favourite ingredients. See ya "ladle" with more tips and tricks for using our in store soups.

A squeeze of lemon is our secret weapon for creating amazing flavour! Try it the next time you make one of our Pennyweight soups.

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