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Need to Feed 200 People?

A customer recently shared with us how she managed to feed 200 people a delicious bowl of ham and pea soup during a Louis Riel Day event. She told us the soup was a real hit, and received many compliments. This soup making wizard didn't even use a recipe! She started with a 25 lb bag of split green peas, and improvised from there. If you have a huge group to cook for (or teenagers), or if you have great math skills and can figure out a per serving ratio...feel free to try this out!

Enough for two teenagers, or 200 people

200 People Split Pea & Ham

25lbs of green split peas 10lbs of shredded carrots 8lbs of chopped onions 3 bunches of chopped celery 6lbs of chopped up ham Salt (to taste) Pepper (grate till your wrist burns, or use ground pepper) Garlic salt (to taste) Bay leaves (quite a few) Instructions: Parboil peas for approximately half hour. Drain them. Divide all ingredients into four large pots, filled with water, and cook approximately 1 - 1.5 hours. Cook on a low temperature and stir often to avoid burning on the bottom. Bribe a teenager to do this.  Blend the finished soup but leave some texture.  Add more water or broth if it’s too thick. Season to your taste.  Enjoy!

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