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Coconut Curry Soup: Our speediest soup from our store to your spoon

Coconut curry is like lettuce is to a salad. It is the perfect base to start adding ingredients.

This is our quickest kickstarter soup to make, since the lentils do not require prior soaking. If you are in a hurry this soup is amazing straight from the bag, with no extra prep needed. That being said, if you have a little more time to spare, a coconut curry soup is a great "base" for more adventurous ingredients. Click the link to follow our video tutorial: Coconut curry soup video

We enjoy adding greens such as spinach, bok choy, or cabbage. For added protein, shrimp or scallops pair wonderfully. This soup can be thickened with cooked sweet potato. Simply puree sweet potato with the softened lentils and transform a light soup into something heartier with a natural sweetness. We always advise a squeeze of fresh lemon if you have it. We also sell lemon infused vinegars and oils at the store. A splash of that will add a nice citrus punch. Another option is a sprinkle of citric acid. Even if it comes in a bag, you can create a unique homemade soup with your favourite ingredients. See ya "ladle" with more tips and tricks for using our in store soups.

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